Matou model-13.jpg

ilu: the shaper’s choice

Having surfed the pin tail Matou model quite a lot on my local surf spots, I noticed that what it needed wasn’t a pointy tail but a narrower baby square one in order to have more drag when pushing turns, while still catching the rail on the face of the wave. So I made a 10’6 triple stringer board based on the Matou template and added a baby square tail which I had been enjoying for the past 3 years. I loved and still love the Matou but I wanted to shape a variation of it while keeping its weight, narrowing the tail and the nose, adding a rounder rail and making it shorter: 9’8.

The board pictured here is the final product, which also happens to be my favorite. It is more of a gunny template but its rails make it glide in small waves. It excels in bigger waves from 4 to 8 feet which I surf the most.

Available from 9’2 to 10’6.