This single fin is an interpretation of Rusty Preisendorfer and Gerry Lopez’s single fins we surfed with my friend Arnaud Mestelan.

It is a pintail flat to vee low rocker board that has a flat deck and boxy rails, keeping volume on two thirds of the board and getting thinner on the tail part. Once you learn how to carve with it, this board is like a magic wand. It shines in good solid hollow conditions.

Available from 6’6 and 8'2.

2+1 variation:

The 2+1, with two hand foiled side fins, is a whole other story: softer rails, a dome deck and a wider tail. It is an all round version of the Carcabueno. Works best on point breaks.

Available from 6’6 and 7’8.

Gun variation:

Same template. Different type of rails with a simple and safe flat to vee shape. A board for bigger conditions, up to 6-8 ft

Available from 9 to 10’6 ft.

Variation boards are pictured below.